Odds and Ends Videos

L sit Practice


Staff for Shoulder Mobility


Yoga Kapalabhathi Breathing Excercise


5 Minute Balance Beam Workout


Yoga Nauli Kriya Ab Manipulation

Balance Beam Practice

Playing with a Ball of Chi

Hanging Abdominal Work

Yoga Madhyana Nauli Ab Isolation

Tai Chi Twisters

Spiriling Tea Cups Qigong


Using the Rings to Move

Abdominal Exercises on Rings & Taps

A Little Core Work with a Dolly

Bar & Rings on The Tactical Athlete Pull Up System (TAPS)

A Wooden Dummy Minute

The Five Tibetans

Some L Sits Abs Work

Working the Wooden Dummy

Head Stand Movement

Parallette L Sit

On the Tactical Athlete Pull Up System

Izzy's New TAPS Gym Toy

Some Advanced Pull Ups

Pole & Shoulder Mobility

Parrallettes Play

Izzying in the Morning

More Morning Flow

Morning Flow

Punching the Heavy Bag

Peg Board Climbing