Changing Habits

Izzying is about changing your habits to those habits that help you to “not get old as you get older”. The brain (you) runs on habits and habits are easy to change. Just like programming a computer, you can program yourself through your habits.  It’s really that simple. Satisfying your habits, your choice to make, good or bad, keeps your brain and you happy. Good healthy habits are better then bad unhealthy habits. YOU are responsible for all your actions in life. Learn what’s healthy and change your habits to healthy ones so you can enjoy your life and older age.I say it’s the art of not getting old as you get older because art implies it’s a passion that lives always in the back of your mind. You have an enthusiasm which affects and fills you with excitement. As the artist you are the canvass with which you perform your art on, growing in mind body and spirit. You know yourself, where you are at in life and where you want to be. Progressing not with stress, not with hard work, though to others it appears like hard work, but because it’s your passion. You love it. Your not dieting, your eating healthy, your not working out, but you are moving,  playing and getting satisfaction out of what you do. . If we are passionate about what we do, we look forward to doing our passions with passion. Once again understanding the minds need to have habits, of which we choose to use our time up with good healthy habits.


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