Welcome to Izzying.com

Izzying is about doing it your way. Not following dogma blindly. You’re always learning more things and incorporating these things into yourself, always progressing.

Izzying could be Ralphing, Joaning, Johning, whatever your name is, it’s you always learning different things and having different things in your life to improve on. Different disciplines to keep your interest because you are always progressing and have made it a habit to progress thereby satisfying the brains need for habituality. You have to improve in order to be happy.  You’re filling your life up with good habits. So practice the musical instrument if that is your choice, your geology, your history studies, your chess game, golf,  but always be sure to daily take care of the body and mind, they need to move. 

What I show here, Izzying, is the things that I do.  You have your own things that satisfy the need of fulfilling habits. Make them good habits. Make them healthy habits.

As Jack Lalanne says.
Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom.